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Smiles Healthy

Nashville Children’s Dental Network is committed to providing the highest-quality pediatric dental care in welcoming, family-friendly environments. NCDN’s easy-to-use online directory will help you find a trusted pediatric dentist in your neighborhood and additional educational resources on oral healthcare.

Pediatric Dentist

Thinking about your child’s first dentist appointment? It’s recommended that children visit their pediatric dentist between the age of 6 months to 1 year old. We can help you start the journey.


The next milestone in your child’s oral health is orthodontics. According to the Academy of Orthodontics (AAO), children should see an orthodontist by age 7. Our network offers some of the best in the area.


Interested in Invisalign instead of traditional braces? We’ve got you covered with this popular alternative. Our experts can consult with you and determine the best options.


Dental Care Timeline

Early Years

NCDN is here to help your child develop healthy habits. Our trusted pediatric dentists offer friendly, gentle care while providing guidance to parents that keeps their child’s smile glowing.


NCDN provides ongoing care that meets your child’s needs every step of the way. We have the most advanced orthodontic treatments and industry-leading doctors conveniently located throughout middle Tennessee.

Early Adulthood

As your child transitions into their adult years, most of the space in their mouth is already taken, making it difficult for the final set of molars to grow properly. NCDN’s board-certified oral surgeons can evaluate the positioning of wisdom teeth for anyone between the ages of 17-25.

Convenient Nashville Locations

Whether you’re looking for a trusted pediatric dentist to perform your child’s first routine checkup or a reputable orthodontist to provide your family with customized orthodontic treatments, Nashville Children’s Dental Network will help you find a dentist or orthodontist in your area. View our list of convenient locations and schedule your appointment today.