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About Nashville Children’s Dental Network

We are Tennessee’s leading pediatric dental and orthodontic group, offering comprehensive, family-friendly care throughout middle Tennessee. Nashville Children’s Dental Network consists of premier doctors with years of trusted experience and established, sterling reputations among patients and referring doctors alike.

Pediatric Dentistry

Nashville Children’s Dental Network’s trusted pediatric dentists have two to three years of specialty training in addition to dental school to prepare them to meet the individualized needs of your child in convenient locations near you. Just as pediatricians are trained to oversee your child’s medical needs, our pediatric dentists are uniquely qualified to care for your child’s oral health from infancy through their teenage years.


With four additional years of specialized training after dental school, Nashville Children’s Dental Network’s board-certified orthodontists provide technologically advanced and personalized orthodontic treatments for kids, teens, and adults across middle Tennessee.

Convenient Nashville Locations

Whether you’re looking for a trusted pediatric dentist to perform your child’s first routine checkup or a reputable orthodontist to provide your family with customized orthodontic treatments, Nashville Children’s Dental Network will help you find a dentist or orthodontist in your area. View our list of convenient locations and schedule your appointment today. 

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Nashville Children's Dental Network is dedicated to helping your child achieve their healthiest smile. Our highly educated and talented team looks forward to providing you with a wide range of dental services for our child at our state-of-the-art facilities. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!